LED Lighting

We carry ISO 9001 Certified LED products of the Highest Efficiency. Our Factory-Direct relationships provide the Best technology at the lowest prices. We have over 100 pre-certified factories and over 10,000 DLC or Energy Star certified products to supply our clients with practically any lighting need. We also have our own team of in-house engineering staff and complete lighting laboratory capabilities to design a custom solution to meet your needs.

We have a whole NEW MADE IN THE USA product line.

Our manufacturers include the following products.

AOK www.aokledlighting.com

Gleming www.gleming.com

AGC lighting www.agcled.com

Sportsbeams www.sportsbeams.com

Maverick Energy Solutions www.maverickenergysolutions.com

LEIF LED www.leifled.com MADE IN THE USA

1000bulbs.com www.1000bulbs.com

James Industries www.jamesindustry.com

Norwell Lighting www.norwellinc.com

B-K Lighting Teka Illumination www.bklighting.com www.tekaillumination.com

LEADSUN www.leadsun-us.com

MOSO www.mosopower.com

Lumenpulse www.lumenpulse.com

NICOR www.nicorlighting.com

Greenlite Lighting Corporation www.greenliteusa.com

Visionaire lighting www.visionairelighting.com

CREP www.crep-led.com

LumenWerx www.lumenwerx.com

Lumium www.lumiumlighting.com

Current by GE www.currentbyge.com

Signcomplex www.signcomplex.com

Yamao www.chinayamao.com

HD Lighting www.hd-leds.com

WE-EF Lighting www.we-ef.com

Emergence Technologies www.emergenceled.com

UPshine www.upshine.com

Independence LED www.Independanceled.com Made in the USA

Urban Solar www.urbansolarcorp.com

Myers Emergency Power Systems www.myerspowerproducts.com

Ilex www.ilexlight.com

A.L.P. www.alplighting.com

American LIghting www.americanlighitng.com

Phillips www.phillips.com

Elite Lighting www.iuseelite.com

LUX Dynamics www.luxdynamics.com

Prizm www.prizmlighting.com

Eiko www.eiko.com

Eaton www.cooperlighting.com

Legrand www.legrand.us

IOTA www.iotaengineering.com

Xtralight www.xtralight.com

MGL www.mgl-led.com

Keyart Industries www.keyarthk.com

Atlantic Lighting www.atlantic-lighting.com

RAB lighting www.rabweb.com

Beyond LED lighting www.beyondledtechnology.com

Telser Lighting Assoc. www.telserlighting.com

LEDSION www.ledsion.com

Revolution Lighting www.rvlti.com

Hishine www.hishine.cc

ALW www.alwusa.com

SATCO www.satco.com

CREE www.cree.com

Maxlite www.maxlite.com

POM Energy Concepts www.pomenergyconcepts.com

Matech www.matechllc.com MADE IN USA Michigan

Michigan Saves www.michigansaves.org

Many many more manufacturers